Hüseyin Çelebi


Hüseyin Çelebi

Auf dem MTB sitze ich seit


Ein paar Sätze über mich

As a 17 year old all I needed was to get to the mountains on my own, when I wanted, where I wanted. After spending 7 years not being able to focus on anything except dreaming about or actually riding in the mountains I had to take a 5 year break for my studies and first job. Then I had to spend another 5 years to get back where I left off. As always effort was well worth it.

 Was gelingt mir auf dem Bike richtig gut (z.B. Lieblingsdisziplin)

No climbing, no riding. My favorite event is multiday tandem tours we do in high mountains. Love to spend the whole day on the road. Another one of my favorites is mid distance full gas riding.

Meine Stärken im Rennen

Climbing, aerobic capacity, 10-30 min max efforts, experience in hurting myself on the road. I have to add patience and systematic approach too but these make the whole thing look a bit dull.

 Meine größten Erfolge bzw. meine besten Rennen

  • Ischgl Ironbike 2015, Hard, 3. in AK
  • Kitzalpbike 2015, Ultra, 4. in AK (I know, but was a good ride)
  • Salzkammergut Trophy 2016, B, 2. in AK
  • Zillertal Bike Challenge 2016, King/Queen, 2. in AK
  • Ischgl Ironbike 2016, Hard, 3. in AK

Was mache ich, wenn ich nicht auf dem Bike sitze

Out of my professional life not much else is going on.

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